TVMF Pet Memorial Wall

The Texas Veterinary Medical Foundation is proud to provide this tribute to celebrate the special bond between humans and animals and those whose memory lives on. We invite you to share your pet’s story with others.

All donations made in honor of a pet on the TVMF Pet Memorial Wall will benefit the TVMF P.A.L.S. program. The TVMF P.A.L.S. program is a partnership between TVMF and Meals on Wheels and More (MOWAM) to provide veterinary care free of charge to clients of the Pets Assisting the Lives of Seniors (P.A.L.S.) program of MOWAM for the purpose of strengthening the human animal bond by ensuring the health and welfare of animals belonging to people who are homebound, elderly, and disabled.


Adopted with sister Molly and his nemesis Leona on June 14, 2000. Early on Muscles exhibited a fondness for the camera and dry kibbles. He loved toy balls with bells; a laser light, pom-poms, and strings. He had the smallest meow except for when out of kibbles. Once, as I was leaving for work his dish was empty and I was saying goodbye like I always did and he looked at me…looked at his dish…back at me... and let out a little roar as if to say "don’t you dare leave without filling my dish!

That was my Muscles!

In memory of my beloved companion and loyal friend, Augie M. A. I miss you my friend.
 Conde was rescued from a South Dakota cruelty action which saw 29 Malamutes taken into rescue, several which were brought to Texas. When we got him, he was thin and the tips of his ears had been chewed by flies showing some evidence of his past life. He was affectionate and eager to please and truly a loving sweetheart. Loosing Conde was heartbreaking, but knowing he was able to have a few years of love and care is what carries us through. We will always have a place in our hearts just for him. Dot was a sweet English Pointer that miraculously came into my life as a puppy. Diagnosed with an auto-immune disease, her owners couldn’t keep her and to my good fortune, she became part of my family. Plagued with illness most of her life, she was still sweet, funny and my best friend for ten years. She had the ability to make everyone who met her, love her. She taught me the true meaning of unconditional love and devotion. She filled my life, home and heart with abundant joy and happiness and will forever be missed and loved. 
This is Itchy. He was part of our lives for twelve years. He just showed up at our house one day. He was emaciated and covered with fleas. We took him in, and gave him the best life he could have possibly had. That was something he very much deserved. Our vet estimated his age at six to eight at the time. He definitely had a personality all his own. I am grateful he lived as long as he did. He was a great little dog, and will truly be missed. I adopted Tinkerbelle, a 5# toy poodle from a no kill shelter 9 years ago at age 2. We grew into each others lives perfectly. Tinkerbelle was obedient and a loyal loving companion. She had chores and did them well, like getting my husband up or letting us know it was time to eat and most of all announcing someone is at the door. Tinkerbelle was a true greeter and loved everybody. She is very sadly missed by her family who will always feel her presence.
Bulldozer was a shepherd/lab mix that I rescued in Colorado Springs, CO when she was about 1 year old. Someone had taken her to the vet to have her put down and thankfully that vet took her away and put her into the rescue program which is where I first met her. She earned her name because she would push furniture around when she got excited. She was the sweetest dog and I miss her terribly. I know she's off wherever dogs go when they're done here.. making everyone and everything happy. In Memory of our boy “Dewey”
He was 4 months old, when he came into our lives. Like a whirl wind he rushed in and stole our hearts. He made it clear, when just a puppy, that he was our protector and would keep us from harm. His favorite pastimes were swimming, digging holes, going for rides, and being with us and his 3 sister dogs. We were so happy to have him in our lives. He died at age 13. He never gave up his role as our guardian. Our hearts are broken. We miss you sweet baby Dew. 
The mold was broken with Sam. The feisty golden retriever touched the lives of everyone she came into contact with. This amazing dog lived every day how she wanted: to the fullest. Whether it was spending summer days with her brother at the pool, to having the rare ability to know exactly when it was feeding time. Samantha was a wonderful dog to share your life with. We miss the heavenly days Sam brought us, and love her very much. Miss you baby girl. I am unable to express how much my wonderful Jake meant to my life. From 1999-2012 he was the greatest source of comfort and love in a world that was often hurtful and unkind. He was truly a blessing from God. If you would like to read the prayer that I had prayed for Jake, please click here. It is worth reading and it says more about Jake and all our beloved and special friends than I could ever write in a bio. Thank you.
We rescued Sunny in 2002 from a local Humane Society, tick fever and all. We never regretted it. He was family. He gave us so much love. We miss him and all that sweet love he gave us. Chloe' Belle Criss
May 27, 1997 - September 14, 2012
Chloe' was the sweetest little rescue dog. She loved people and never met a stranger. She was most definitely our families best friend and we will miss her. She made our lives brighter and we are grateful for the blessing of each day we had with her. Memories of our time together will live in our hearts forever.
We love you Chloe', Marc, Kelly & Jud 
We adopted Annie 17 years ago. She was a tiny spitfire in her younger years, but grew into a mature lady of leisure who let everyone know that she was the queen! She watched her “human brothers” grow from boys to men; “owned” 4 different homes, and bossed her Boxer brother, who sadly left us 9 months before she did. She is best known for her unique gravely meow, and lying around flat on back. In her later years she loved lying in the sun, and sleeping next to her Mommy. Annie, you’re forever loved and missed. RIP sweet girl. Lady
Sept.28, 1997 –Oct. 18,2012
Lady was a very intelligent, sweet, and well mannered Lhasa Apso. She was a good girl, loyal and dependable. She impressed everyone who saw her. Lady was always there to give her love and comfort to me. For fifteen years she made a difference in my life. I know she is now a little angel who left her little paw prints on my heart forever. I will miss her.

For Beimer boy, my Shih Tzu, and for William Blake writing that “. . .everything that lives is holy." Please click here for Beimer's poem.

Please click here for Beimer's poem.

 Woodrow was a special dog from the beginning. He had been attacked by a dog at a very young age and lost a leg, and he drew attention everywhere we went. He had a huge appetite and was friends with anyone who would pet him. Woodrow was definitely a character. He died protecting our family from a rattlesnake. We loved him dearly for the 9 years we had him, and will continue to love and remember him as we live on. He was our pal.
"Sir Guy: Born on 1/14/01, lost him on 10/19/12. Got him as a 53 day old puppy. We went through two Galveston Hurricanes together, and many many good times. He was eleven years, nine months and five days old when I lost him. I am so glad I had him and was able to give him much love and happiness. I still see him everywhere in my home. All the little things he did always comes to my mind. I think of him often and the joy he brought to me. I will never forget him."- Thomas Meade This sweet little kitty was a stray who showed up in our backyard one day a few years ago and refused to leave. One rainy, cool fall day I looked out the window to see her licking birdseed off the ground. That broke my heart, so I put out some tuna, and thus began our friendship. My husband and kids would look out the window and say, “Mom, there’s your cat!” and I would reply “That’s NOT my cat.” Eventually we just started calling her Not. We miss her and look forward to seeing her again someday. 
This is my girl "TJ". I got her when she was 7 1/2 weeks old. She was my "child", companion, but most of all, she was my best friend!

She slept with me as a pup, only because I couldn't take hearing her cry in the kennel. She would take up one whole side of my bed, usually the side closest to the air conditioner.

She went every where with me, as long as the weather was neither very hot or cold. She made trips with me, including one to New Mexico, where she froze me out, because she needed the air conditioner on.

She was loved by many, and will be missed by many more!

Rest in peace baby girl. 

03/27/2004 - 11/15/2012

I miss you so much.

The past 10 years have been the most wonderful years of my life with Wende by my side. Wende was such an amazing dog and always brought a smile as she hopped around the yard chasing rabbits/squirrels. Wende taught me responsibility/friendship as she greeted me every time I walked in. Her personality will be missed each day as I remember the tough days of growing up together. Weiner-bug, I love you so much and cherish all of the fun we had playing soccer. You will always have a special place in my heart that I will carry with me forever. 
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