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The Certified Veterinary Business Managers Program (CVBM) is a certificate program owned and operated through the Texas Center for Veterinary Economics, an educational and training subdivision of TVMA. The foundation content for this program was developed over a two-year period by members of the TVMA Task Force on Veterinary Economics. The CVBM program is an assessment-based certificate program defined by the National Organization for Competency Assurance. It is intended to provide instruction and training whereby participants can acquire knowledge, skills and competencies related to the management of all business-related aspects of a professional private practice in veterinary medicine.

The intent of this program is to:

  • Encourage the development of best practices of business management among veterinary practice owners and others given the responsibility of the business affairs of a private practice in veterinary medicine.
  • Define and continuously improved recognized standards of excellence in the business activities supporting the private practice of veterinary medicine.
  • Provide a variety of learning experiences designed to assist program knowledge considered necessary for the successful conduct of a private veterinary practice from both a business and financial point of view.
  • Award a Certificate in Veterinary Business Management that will be widely recognized and highly valued as a credential signifying advanced status in knowledge and ability related veterinary business management.
  • Provide refresher and advanced courses on instruction in sufficient frequency and depth to support the credentialed program completer in his/her efforts for stay current in the latest developments in veterinary business management.

Assessment Process

  • The assessment process of the CVBM program is to evaluate understanding of the required content and attainment of the learning objectives. This will be calculated both by summative and formatives evaluations.
  • Formative evaluation will consist of a randomly generated, computer-mediated
  • examination consisting of 25-50 multiple-choice questions based on the seminar content and learning objectives addressed.
  • Summative evaluation is the capstone assessment consisting of a randomly generated, computer-mediated examination of 100 multiple-choice questions derived from a cumulative set of learning objectives for the program.

Education, Training and Work Experience Requirements

Anyone interested in earning a Certificate in Veterinary Business Management through the CVBM program must meet standards required at each level. For example, applicants for CVBM-1 certification must complete and furnish evidence documenting:

Computer competency–The candidate must document and/or demonstrate proficiency in the use of basic computer skills, including the MS Windows operating system, word processing programs, electronic spreadsheet programs, relational databases, online communication and research tools and other commonly used computer programs and utilities.

Specialized business management training–The candidate must document a minimum of 25 clock-hours of seminar attendance or other appropriate training related to the CVBM Level 1 body of knowledge and such education and training must meet the following criteria:

  • All qualifying education or training must be fully documented and must have been taken within the five-year period immediately preceding application for certification.
  • A minimum of 16 of the required hours of education and training must be earned by attending the proscribed program of training described within this document and presented by the TVMA Center for Veterinary Economics;
  • Mastery of the content presented in the TVMA Center for Veterinary Economics seminars must be demonstrated by a score of at least 75% correct answers on seminar exit tests consisting of at least five questions per seminar hour taken.
  • The balance of the education and training hours required for certification may be earned by attending veterinary business management programs sponsored by recognized state, regional or national veterinary organizations (see list of resources in the CVBM-1 users manual).

Demonstrated Performance Skills–Successful performance as a veterinary business administrator (CVBM Level 1) requires more than mastery of the essential body of knowledge. There are also a number of essential performance skills that form a prerequisite for successful job performance. The candidate for certification must demonstrate to the credentialing committee that she or he has successfully performed these essential performance tasks to the committee’s satisfaction. Non-DVM candidates must have a third-party verification of performance skills.

Application for Certification

Individuals who have completed all educational and work experience requirements required for the CVBM level for which they are applying may petition the TVMA Certification Committee for certification. Applicants must provide all required documentation with the CVBM application (including completion of a project) along with payment in full of the initial examination fee. When all application materials have been submitted and fees paid, the applicant will be notified of approval to sit for the examination.

CVBM Examination:

  • Qualified applicants must complete a written or computer-mediated examination consisting of 100 questions covering all aspects of the essential skills and knowledge required for certification (success standard = 75% correct answers)
  • Individuals who are unsuccessful in completing the certification examination may retest within 6 months of the first attempt by paying a retesting fee of  $50.00).
  • Individuals who are unsuccessful in the second attempt at the certification examination or who fail to retest within the stated 6-month timeframe must complete a minimum of 8-hours of veterinary business management training and pay the a retesting fee of $100.00.
  • Applicants for certification who fail meet the success standard on the certification examination after three attempts will be ineligible for certification in this program.

Certification Fee

Prior to taking the required Certification Examination as described above, applicants for CVBM certification must pay in full the initial certification fee of $499.00 and meet all other standards for certification outlined above. This fee is for certification only and does not include fees or other costs associated with the seminars and other learning activities required to meet certification standards.

Certification is perfect for the practitioner or hospital manager who is wants to become a more valuable asset to the clinic team. This program offers you a way to step it up a notch by improving your knowledge base and your practice. For more information on the CVBM program, please contact Andy Walker at 512/452-4224 or awalker@tvma.org.


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