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A Dedicated Profession

All governance of TVMA is provided by volunteer leaders chosen each year by the members of the association. Unlike TVMA staff and unlike their counterparts in private business, our leaders do not get paid for their time and effort. They are dedicated veterinarians who give many hours and much energy each year to the governance, management and operations of TVMA out of duty and devotion to their profession. The Board of Directors serves as the legislative arm of TVMA.

2013–2014 Board of Directors

Balcones Cross Timbers

Jay Bickers, DVM
William Patterson, DVM

Bexar County

Loretta Ehrlund, DVM
Gary Stamp, DVM

Brazos County

John Shull, DVM
James B. Woodley, DVM

Central Texas

Steven Golla, DVM
Ricahrd Reinap, DVM

Coastal Plains

Pancho Hubert, DVM
Roger Pigott, DVM

Dallas County

Jim Airhart, DVM
Nancy Turner, DVM

East Texas

Justin Cavitt, DVM
Anthony Holcomb, DVM

Gulf Coast

Sherry Dodson, DVM
Jennifer Hennessey, DVM

Harris County

Jeff Chalkley, DVM
Jodi Long, DVM

North Central Texas

Mark Range, DVM
Tamra Walthall, DVM

North Texas

S. Kent Glenn, DVM
David Tidwell, DVM

Northeast Texas

Jason Beard, DVM
Lee Goodman, DVM


Merten Pearson, DVM

Permian Basin

Will Evans, DVM
Mary Anne White, DVM

South Plains

Larry Farley, DVM
Dustin McElwee, DVM

South Texas

Wayne Deason, DVM
Sandra Leyendecker, DVM

Tarrant County

Don Ferrill, DVM
Jacquelyn Taylor, DVM


Stephen Edelstein, DVM
David Heflin, DVM

West Texas

John Bruker, DVM
Randy Shinaut, DVM


Lee Jan, DVM
James Marshall, DVM


Keith Chaffin, DVM
Sandra Lovering, DVM, MS

TAMU CVM Representative

James Roush, 2VM




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