Sunday March 3, 2013 • 8 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

Speaker: Wendy Blount, DVM

What to Do With a New Shelter Pup?
Everyone knows that the "Petri Dish" that is the local shelter is no place for a young pup. So what to do with shelter puppies? How do you get them out of the shelter ASAP while respecting the stray hold period? How do you screen and approve foster homes? What's the best way to house shelter pups to keep them well, and fast track adeoption at the same time? How do you use titers to save as many as possible during an outbreak?

 Canine Distemper - Awareness, Pathophysiology and Treatment (including Newcastle's)
What's all the hub bub about treating canine distemper with Newcastle's Disease Vaccine? Is there anything to it, or is it just a bunch of pseudoscientific claptrap? We'll also discuss the latest and greatest in detecting and diagnosing distemper virus, and managing distemper outbreaks at your shelter.

Ethical and Legal Dilemmas of Shelter Medicine in Texas
What are the legal and ethical guidelines for navigating the very complicated chain of command at animal shelters? There are guidelines in the Code of Professional Conduct that many Texas veterinarians probably not aware of that give us a leg to stand on when we need to politely but firmly decline to comply with misguided directives that might come from lay people who perceive that they supervise us as veterinarians. How do we adhere to standards of care in shelter medicine and take good care of our patients, while complying with the evolving interpretation of veterinary law by the Board that oversees us? Is it ideal, necessary, or even possible to screen for financial need at shelter clinics? We'll explore these and other shelter conundrums as we discuss real life examples.

Canine Flu Update
Is canine influenza a real danger to shelter animals in Texas, or just a vaccine looking for a disease? We'll review the behavior of the virus, how it affects shelter dogs, how to best handle an outbreak if one should happen to come your way, and whether vaccination at shelters in Texas is appropriate.

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