2017 TVMA Annual Conference & Expo


7 p.m. to 10 p.m. • Hilton Hotel
Sharman Hoppes, DVM (Faculty/TAMU-CVM)

Analgesia and Anesthesia of Rabbits and Rodent - Multiple challenges are present when anesthetizing or providing analgesia to rabbits and rodents. They are typically small mammals with tiny veins, they are often difficult to intubate and have varying metabolic rates compared to the dog and cat models. There are few published drug studies, with many medication protocols being anecdotal. The majority of our small mammal patients are prey animals who hide signs of illness and pain until they are in a critical state. Exotics pets are often sicker and have been sick longer than the initial history may suggest, making anesthesia riskier in general. Assessing pain and determining if an analgesic is effective can also be chanllenging in species that mask signs of illness and pain.

Sugar Glider and Hedgehog Medicine - Dr. Hoppes review the natural history, behavior and husbandry along with examination and diagnosis of common diseases, anesthesia methods and zoonotic conditions attributed to hedgehogs and sugar gliders.

Rabbit and Rodent Dental Disease
 - Dental disease in pet rabbits is a commonly seen manifestation. Dr. Hoppes reviews the anatomy, clinical signs, etiology, diagnosis, supportive care and anesthesia when treating dental disease in rabbits and rodents. 

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