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TVMA committees are the way we can work together to affect change for veterinarians, licensed veterinary technicians, clinics, clients and patients, and you are invited and encouraged to participate. Yes, you CAN make a difference. And you can be involved in more than one committee of interest. 

TVMA committees are organized into four councils. Most committees meet twice per year during the TVMA Annual Conference and Expo and in conjunction with Southwest Veterinary Symposium. More information about each committee can be found in the Bylaws and Policies.

Committee Members may earn up to 5 hours CE per year in the Practice Management category for time spent attending meetings.

For more information about how to get involved on a committee, contact Angela Russell, CAE, CMP, at the TVMA office or email

To reach a specific committee, email 

Association Affairs committees oversee TVMA activities intended to better serve TVMA members and guide the profession.

  • Business Alliance Committee:
    Develop, investigate and evaluate business opportunities for TVMA to provide discount programs to members and generate non-dues income.
  • Industry Advisory Committee:
    Establish and maintain lines of communication between TVMA and companies operating within the veterinary industry who wish to assist TVMA in achieving its stated purposes and mission within the State of Texas.
  • Membership Committee:
    Promote membership in TVMA by designing and implementing programs and activities to attract new members, retain current members and promote the active participation of all members. 

Veterinary Practice committees shall meet to provide a forum to receive input from TVMA members and discuss issues of interest or concern. Veterinary Practice committees include:

  • Animal Welfare
  • Bovine Practice
  • Cervid & Hoof Stock Species 
  • Companion Animal Practice
  • Equine Practice
  • Exotic Animal Practice
  • General Practice
  • Shelter Medicine
  • Specialty Practice

Professional Advancement committees focus on the continuing professional growth and development of veterinarians, their staff and the profession as a whole.

  • Awards Committee:
    Establish and implement awards, and the selection criteria, to bring recognition to outstanding veterinarians and non-veterinarians who have contributed to the progress and achievements of the profession, and to the relationship of the profession to others in society.
  • Conference and Continuing Education Committee:
    Formulate the schedule, related activities and continuing education program for the TVMA annual meeting and all other TVMA conferences and seminars.
  • Historical Committee:
    Tell the story of veterinary medicine in Texas and the role of TVMA in serving the profession.
  • LVT and Paraprofessional Committee:
    Recommend policies and rules to establish and maintain a high standard of integrity, skill and performance in the field of veterinary technology.
  • Practice Management Committee:
    Identify issues of concern to veterinary medicine as a business operation and maintain liaison with the Continuing Education Committee to ensure that high quality practice management programs are included in all TVMA continuing education offerings.
  • Research Committee:
    Support clinical research projects which have been sponsored by TVMA.

Council on External Affairs committees work on issues that impact the public and other organizations.

  • Disaster Preparedness Committee:
    Help Texas veterinarians understand, participate and contribute to an organized approach to providing assistance to veterinary practitioners who have sustained a disaster in their communities.
  • One Health Committee:
    Educate members about public health, preventive medicine and regulatory issues which have potential impact on veterinarians.
  • Public Relations Committee:
    Identify issues of concern in the area of public relations and the public perception of veterinarians and veterinary medicine and provide leadership and assistance to TVMA staff in developing local and statewide programs to better inform and educate the public about veterinary medicine, animal well-being and the human-animal bond.
  • Recent Graduate/Student Liaison Committee:
    Seek methods to involve students at the TAMU College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences in TVMA affairs and determine how TVMA might better meet the needs of recent graduates.
  • TVMA/AVMA Liaison Committee:
    Represent the interests of TVMA to the American Veterinary Medical Association and communicate to the appropriate representatives of TVMA and AVMA any issues or other information of mutual interest or benefit to the two organizations.
  • TVMA/SVM Liaison Committee:
    Represent the interests of TVMA to the schools of Veterinary Medicine in Texas for the benefit of the profession and continue to develop a liaison between TVMA and the schools.

Serving on a Committee

Committees are the grassroots voice of the membership. They represent the many voices of the association and the profession because they are made up of the members of the association. The issues that are presented and discussed at committee meetings are often brought to the BOD in the form of a resolution or suggestion.

Committees are created by the TVMA Bylaws, Article XIII, appointed by the Committee Chair and Council Chair and are guided by the Council Chairs who sit on the Executive Committee.

Most committees (but not all) meet twice each year

  • Thursday or Friday afternoon of the Annual Conference and Expo, usually late February or early March
  • Thursday afternoon of the Southwest Veterinary Symposium meeting in the fall
  • Animal Welfare, Bovine, Cervid/Hoofstock, Companion Animal, Credentialing, Disaster Preparedness, Equine, Exotic Animal Practice, General Practice, Government Relations, Historical, Industry Advisory, Leadership Development, Membership, Practice Management, One Health, Public Relations, Recent Graduate/Student Liaison, Shelter Medicine, Specialty Practice, TVMA/AVMA Liaison, TVMA/SVM Liaison, LVT/ Veterinary Paraprofessional
  • Room assignments are made by the Director of Meetings and Associate Director. Some committees due to their nature or size are assigned private rooms. Some committees may utilize Zoom during meetings. Committee chairs work with staff if they have a special need for space or if they are going to have a special guest.
  • Awards Committee holds the awardee selection meeting virtually in December
  • Budget & Finance meets in May
  • Business Alliance meets four times per year, not during regular meeting times
  • Research meets at alternate time
  • Those interested in serving on a committee should complete the online committee interest form at
  • Members for each committee are appointed because they express an interest in a particular committee or they are specifically selected by the Committee Chair and Council Chair
  • Every district director is appointed to a committee
  • Every committee has a chair and many have a vice chair
  • Committee chairs serve a 2-year term
  • In most cases, members are re-appointed yearly unless they do not attend meetings or request to be removed
  • Each committee should have a minimum of 9 and maximum of 50 members
  • Many committees have a student member that takes notes during the meeting
  • A sign-in sheet is passed around and CE certificates are distributed to those at the meeting
  • The chair of the committee will provide an agenda and lead discussion on topics relevant to the charge of the committee
  • Legislative issues may be covered
  • Committee members may be asked for suggestions for speakers and topics to provide the Conference/CE Committee
  • Study the meeting agenda before the meeting, if available
  • Stick to the agenda and bring up new business at the appropriate time when invited to do so by the chair
  • Speak so everyone can hear, and request the floor as needed so your comments are not lost in the conversation
  • Participate in discussion, make comments and disagree when necessary
  • Ask those who don’t agree to summarize their position to allow a more thorough consideration of an idea that could be constructive when better understood
  • Work with TVMA staff to schedule and coordinate meetings
  • TVMA has an online communication portal for committees at
  • Staff support for a committee project or event can be requested.
  • Each committee is grouped with similar committees under a council that is led by a Council Chair. The Council Chair represents his or her committees on the TVMA Executive Committee.
  • Resolutions, directives or budget requests from the committee go before the Board of Directors for approval. The committee chair and Council Chair work together to clearly present those items.
  • Committee members should contact their committee chair with any questions or to let them know if they are unable to attend a meeting.

Effective committees don't just happen. They are a combination of the right individuals, a mission, good leadership, and good staff work.

(Last Updated 3/11/2019)

  • TVMA Committee Interest Form

    Complete this form to request joining a TVMA committee. Staff will follow up with you to confirm after your request is approved. If your selection has not been confirmed after 30 days, contact TVMA.