Filing a Complaint

The TVMA Ethics and Grievance Committee has just completed a client grievance information packet that provides a detailed explanation of the complaint process as well as answers many question clients may have when considering filing a grievance. If you find yourself in this situation, please take time to read through the information and do not hesitate to contact our staff liaison below if you have questions.

Ellen Forsythe, CMP
Staff Liaison, Ethics and Grievance Committee 


Find A Veterinarian

Find a Veterinarian is a service we offer through TVMA that connects you with our membership of more than 3,500 Texas veterinarians. Our members have access to TVMA resources that can help them become better veterinarians and continually improve their practices. We believe our veterinarians are the best in Texas and many are even recognized for their skills on a national or global scale. 

If you’re interested in finding a veterinarian in your area that’s also a TVMA member, you can use the form below to search by last name, city or zip code.

Please allow the Find a Veterinarian search function a few seconds to load. (Find a Vet by Specialty Coming Soon!)