Your Veterinary Political Action Committee (VPAC)

The Veterinary Political Action Committee (VPAC) helps advance the legislative goals of the Texas Veterinary Medical Association (TVMA) and assists in its mission to preserve, promote and protect the veterinary medical profession and to advance animal health for the well-being of humans and animals.

Why VPAC Is Important

VPAC works with the TVMA Government Relations department to help protect the profession from negative state government actions and to pass positive legislation for veterinarians. VPAC helps accomplish these goals by working with veterinarians to help capitalize on existing legislative relationships and build new ones. These relationships allow veterinarians to help educate elected officials and voice their concerns and objectives on bills or policies before the legislative process begins. This proactive approach is more effective than simply reacting to policies already well on the way toward becoming law.

How VPAC Is Funded

A very small portion of the TVMA dues you pay goes to VPAC unless you elect otherwise. VPAC is a small political action committee on the grand scale of Texas political committees. We are small but mighty, thanks to the small number of veterinarians who choose to give extra funds on top of their TVMA dues. Without these extra funds, we would not be nearly as effective. VPAC donations do the following;

  • Provide targeted financial support to elected officials and candidates seeking election to the Texas Legislature who are supportive of the veterinary profession
  • Veterinarians make great legislators, but it takes money to get elected. VPAC funds help veterinarians get elected to the Texas Legislature and help keep them in office.
  • VPAC funds also are used to support some of the following activities:
    • Veterinary Legislative Day at the State Capitol
    • Legislative and media response training for veterinarians
    • Issuing action alerts to the membership
    • Distributing informational and educational materials to policymakers

VPAC’s Matching Contribution Program

If you are a TVMA member and have made or would like to make a political contribution to a candidate or elected official who is supportive of the veterinary profession, please let VPAC know so we can consider matching it and amplifying your voice.

Want More Information?

Contact Trent Hightower at thightower@tvma.org or 512-452-4224.