P10 Application

  • TVMA Leadership Academy 2024 Participant Application

  • The TVMA Leadership Academy is open to all veterinarians who are members of TVMA, regardless of their graduation year. Enrollment is limited to a small cohort of TVMA members. Applicants must be certified DVMs at the time of application. 


    Participants will receive up to 5 hours of CE in the Practice Management category. Additionally, P10 tuition includes registration for the TVMA Annual Conference, offering up to 20 CE credits.


    Tuition for the program is $500. If you are selected to participate, TVMA will contact you for payment details. 

    2024-25 Tentative Meeting Schedule *updated*

    July 13-14, 2024 -  TVMA Office, Austin (Saturday & Sunday) - Finding Your Leadership Style

    September 26-27, 2024  -  Southwest Veterinary Symposium, Fort Worth (Thursday-Friday) - Paths to Leadership and Organized Veterinary Medicine

    October, 2024 - Zoom Session - Book/ Podcast Club Review and Determine Class Project

    January 2025 - Texas State Capitol, Austin (weekday TBD) - Advocating for the Veterinary Profession

    February 2025 - Zoom Session

    March 26-29, 2025 - TVMA Annual Conference, The Woodlands (Thursday-Sunday) - registration for Annual Conference CE included in class tuition! Project Presentation

    April/ May 2025 - TVMA Office, Austin (Saturday & Sunday) - Communication




    Email a 1 to 2-minute video of yourself addressing the following questions to arussell@tvma.org. If you are not able to provide a video, upload a document with your written responses or write them in the text box below. 


    Why are you interested in joining the Leadership Class? What motivated you to apply?


    What life experiences or unique perspectives might you bring to the group? What examples can you give from your past experiences that would bring depth and diversity to this group?


    What goals do you hope to achieve through participation in the Leadership Class?


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    • Thank you! Your submission will be reviewed and you will be notified of your acceptance status.