Business Alliances

TVMA seeks out relationships with companies that provide veterinary-related products and services that offer discounts or special rates resulting in savings for our members. In many cases the savings are well above the cost of TVMA membership. Participating vendors are vetted to ensure quality products and services as well as exceptional customer service. Current business alliances are:

Brazos Higher Education

The Brazos Higher Education Refinance Loan is designed for responsible Texas borrowers who have earned a lower interest rate on their student debt.  The Brazos Refinance Loan through the TVMA Business Alliance provides an easy way for Veterinarians and medical support staff to decrease their student loan debt by lowering their interest rates with zero fees. Since its inception, Brazos has originated more than $120 million of Refinance Loans, saving the average borrower an estimated $19,000 in interest. Through the TVMA Business Alliance, Brazos is offering some of the lowest REFI rates available and $600 cashback to new borrowers when an application is made and funded via the available TVMA link. Information about the Brazos Refinance Loan, as well as the easy online application process, is available at, or you can call 800-453-0841 for personal assistance.

Is your company involved with veterinary medicine in Texas and interested in learning more about participating in TVMA’s Business Alliance Program (BAP)? Contact Angela Russell, CMP, at or 512-452-4224.

TVMA also offers Allied business membership to companies wanting to reach the veterinary medicine audience and grow their market. For more information on Allied membership and what it can do for you, contact

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